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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Best garage door service experience

I am very particular when it comes to customer service and the efficiency of the services delivered. Today, however, I got the best service from the technicians at garage door repair Houston Heights. The springs of my door snapped and I called several repair companies to ask for a quote. This company gave the best quote so I hired them. I am glad I did. They came on time and explained everything before they got to work. They successfully replaced the springs, lubed the door tracks and adjusted the door at a reasonable rate. If you ever need door repair, I highly recommend this company.

Garage door works perfectly now

I went out to run errands and when I returned, the garage door would not open. I did not know what was wrong with the door. I called the experts at Houston Heights garage door repair and they quickly answered my call. The repair was scheduled on the same day. The technicians came in early and inspected the door. They explained what was wrong with it and got to work right away. The repair was complete in about an hour. The price for the service was reasonable and it was efficient and prompt. I recommend this company to those who are in need of quick door repair services.

Garage Door Now Working Perfectly

It’s not a good thing when you’re having difficulties opening your garage door. My garage door was acting up the other day. It seemed so difficult to open and close it, not to mention noisy, which was really frustrating. Great thing I decided to call Garage Door Repair Company in Houston Heights for help. The wonderful technician that worked on my garage door did an amazing job. He was able to determine the main issue immediately. The rollers were broken, which is why the garage door was malfunctioning. Roller replacement was completed competently and he even applied lubricant to the different parts of the garage door. A million thanks to this company as my garage door is now working perfectly!

Same day torsion spring adjustment

We had some issues with the overhead garage door. It wouldn't open straight and it played some games on its way down. I reported these things to the staff of Garage Door Repair Houston Heights and a little later one of the techs came over to check the system. As he suspected the torsion spring had to be adjusted. So, he climbed the ladder and finished the job relatively fast. I liked that he came equipped and responded to my call the very same day. These things are vital especially when garage door springs are involved. I truly thank them.

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