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About Us

About Us

We cater to garage door repair needs of homeowners in Texas. We don't just do repairs, we also have professionals who can install or replace doors. Our services of garage door repair include spring replacement, broken cable fixing, bent track alignment and much more.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!

Address: w 20th st
Houston Heights, Texas
Zip code: 77008
Phone: 713-300-2507

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Garage door repair team who can fix and install every type of residential and commercial garage door openers from Genie, Liftmaster and many more.

The power of Garage Door Repair Houston Heights springs from the dynamics of its teams. Our knowledge has become the main tool of our work. Giving emphasis on the quality and capacities of its teams has always been one of the first priorities of our business. With the right people in the job and strong foundations, we managed to create the ideal environment which can cover the needs of all customers. The same environment has become our own inspiration and source of strengths since it supports us technically and encourages our initiatives.

About Us - Garage Door Repair Houston Heights

We care for you and provide the best service

This job demands courage, knowledge and passion. It develops like many other domains which are associated with technology. The growth is rapid since electric operators are becoming more and more family-friendly and so are we! The main goal of anyone seriously involved in this business is the safety of people. Our obligation towards our clients has two faces. On the one side, we ought to offer proper garage door repair services, install all parts and doors accurately and make sure every technical work is done with perfection. On the other side, our obligations do not end here. We also feel obliged to protect people from getting the wrong products and help them make right decisions.
We grow fast and in accordance with the development of electric openers and that's the basis of our knowledge

It is our pride that Garage Door Repair Houston Heights has dedicated staff and every member of our teams truly cares to provide the best to customers! The best in information, advice, products and services! That's why our good organization and our bonds really matter! Our company teams are united under the same cause: a common determination to do the best and ensure optimum solutions for our customers. We always order repair parts, new garage doors and openers from the most trustworthy manufacturers. We help our customers measure their garage, take wise decisions, replace the existing garage door with a better and stronger one, and offer services when they are needed.

Our teams are determined to keep people happy and safe and offer them excellent consultation and optimum services

Our punctuality, consistency and care to provide immediate assistance have always been the basic ingredients of our recipe. We couldn't work well without having the right tools and we wouldn't be able to ensure the best and, above all, safety for our customers if we weren't knowledgeable. Our experience matters, but we never forget about the importance of training. Reach out to us whenever you need professionals who care for you!

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